1. What is so special about CHITTON Pro6Mask, compared to other masks?
  • CHITTON Pro6Mask has an all-round skin protective function which makes it the one and only “Facial ++ Mask” that can also kill the Covid-19;
  • More environmentally - friendly when compared to one-time disposable masks;
  • Patented Japanese Photocatalyst Technology adopted in the manufacturing of the outer waterproof layer with anti-microbial, anti-mites, anti-mold and anti-odour effects, as well as air-purification function;
  • Powered by “Chitosan Fibre” as the inner layer – HKRITA's patented spinning system technology for Chitosan yarn won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. This unique spinning system preserves Chitosan’s properties on allergy prevention, skin protection, anti-bacterial anti-odor effects, while optimising Chitosan fibre’s properties.

 2. What are the advantages of using Chitosan fiber as the inner layer for “Facial++Mask”?
  • Chitosan is a safe, non-toxic natural ingredient with valuable properties. Numerous studies have proven Chitosan to have beneficial properties, such as anti-allergic, skin protection, anti-bacterial, and anti-odour effects. Using Chitosan fiber as the inner layer for masks could greatly improve the level of comfort, reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions, acne, other skin problems or bad odour caused by prolonged wearing of masks.

 3. Could CHITTON Pro6Mask be washed along with other clothes in the washing machine?

 4. What if I forget how many times I have washed my CHITTON Pro6Mask?
  • CHITTON Pro6Mask could still maintain 99.9% antibacterial effect after 60 washes according to certified lab test. You might want to consider replacing a new one monthly to achieve best results. By doing so, you don’t need to worry about how many times you have washed.

 5. What should I do if I my purchased product has defect?
  • For any product quality problems, please e-mail the product defect photos to for our handling.

 6. Is there any special offer if I am interested to make a bulk purchase?
  • We are open for different types of business co-operation, please e-mail us to for further information.

 7. Do you deliver orders outside Hong Kong?
  • At the initial stage, we only accept orders in Hong Kong. Areas of delivery include Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, and specific outlying Islands. Please refer to for more details.